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Trip to Hong Kong & China

Asia - Hong Kong first

overcast 24 °C

Sitting at O.R Tambo international airport, awaiting our flight, Des and I sit, still time to ponder and say goodbye to good friends and family

After a long sleepless night we arrive to a rain soaked Hong Kong, but still in the fog of the early morning one still feels the electricity pulse through the city.

Hong kong, the ever bustling city, full of lights, people and flavored with a spirit of excitement, but many people only see this giant city and miss the fact that a few kilometers up the east coast in the new territories are stunning island bays and beaches, with small communities, with lustful restaurants of all types.

sitting in a beach side Portuguese restaurant sipping on a long beer over looking the ocean, away from the traditional tourist spots, in some upmarket Jin joint in Asia, what a fabulous afternoon, one almost forgets you are in one of the busiest cities in the world. So travel out the city onto the islands up the picturesque east coats for a day.

Bamboo scaffolding, who new you could use this most natural thing for the construction of a building.

Then off we go to china, by train with the masses, 3 hours to Guangzhou the show capital of China, we are going to attend the 112th year of the Canton fair, boy do the Chinese know how to put on a show.

If you ever wanted to import, and needed a leg up, this is the place to come, from one category to another, but besides the work this fair shows you the might and size of supply chain available, one see,s the world arrive to purchase all types of goods.

But not all work and no play, Guangzhou by night , with the lights, shopping allies and ever present air pollution.

The copy cats at work, saying Armani,Armani, watchie watchie, Baggie, Baggie, all can be had, from Prada to Gucci, the choice is yours, but it is so nice to see the Chinese starting to discover their own brands, no need for external RND. Can you imagine the changes I have seen in the last 13 years , from 3rd world to 1st world in one fowl swipe, all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!

From Guangzhou to Ningbo and the ever constant Shangri-La hotel, always the way to go, because this city is so small in comparison to other Chinese cities you can go 5 star for less.

Then on to Shanghai, a fusion of old English and Old China all wrapped into 1, the city is bustling, Beijing may the city with a million bicycles but Shanghai has a million cars and little allies to match. Being this far from Beijing it's great to enjoy a good duck restaurant, and gulp down my favorite Beijing duck in pancakes. Markets, if you ever want to see them, go to Shanghai,

This ends my trip into China for now, on route back via Hong Kong, to my Johannesburg, till next time,

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BOTSWANA, Zimbabwe, Mozambique - I love Africa

sunny 32 °C

Travelling through Africa - Botswana (wild animals), Zimbabwe (the falls) and Mozambique (white beach's)

From the white beaches, to a country that is half a game farm (safari camp), humans are inside the electrified fences, the animals roam free, the expance and the volume of animals are amazing.

Our favorite activity - getting stuck in the sand, roaming the beach's looking for panzy shells, viewing the big 5, in Africa, in the wild

And then the most majestic falls - Bucket list stuff - Victoria falls is bigger than one would have thought, and after seing Niagra falls, this trumps it anyday.

Afican sunsets, pure bliss.

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